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Spices, flowers, fruits

Biodiversity, Piedmontese history and an agricultural culture make for an incredible array of fine raw materials, which express the land from which they hail. Altitude, dry soils, hot days and cold nights: all these have an influence on the local herbs, fruit and flowers, creating highly concentrated aromas. Our distillery, with its own Piedmontese roots, produces and selects some of the spices itself. Others are sourced from small producers whose products express the specific organoleptic characteristics and quality excellence of their places of origin.

“I love preserving and enhancing the aromas, colours and flavours of the raw materials I work with, just as I love waiting patiently for them to mature naturally. I then wait for time and the seasons to pass to make every single batch unique”.

Carlo Quaglia, distiller and liquor maker
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From the countryside to the bottle

Just like our complex herbal recipes, which constitute the distillery’s historical heritage, all the ingredients we use for our spirit infusions and distillates are essential elements. All are carefully selected, and their cultivation and harvesting overseen until their final use and they are, in quality terms, always the finest available.
Many of these come from our own region. The spectacular Langhe and Monferrato vineyards produce the Moscato, Freisa and Nebbiolo grapes which we use for our vermouth.

“To fill a medium-sized bag, like the jute bags used for potatoes, with ripe juniper berries - I mean the blue ones - requires a lot of walking, over many days. I’d say a month isn’t long enough. And remember, I know all the spots and don’t waste much time looking for the bushes”.

Polly, a picker living in the mountains
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The wormwood grows in the high-lying pastures of the nearby Alps and the Pancalieri mint, rhubarb and other plants come from the plains. The juniper berries are individually picked by hand from the low bushes which can be found growing as high up as the Alpine glaciers.
Other ingredients are sourced from Italy’s Mediterranean regions, such as Liguria for the chinottos, that we collect when perfectly ripe, and as the sunny Calabria for our organically-grown citrus fruit. Lastly, we add spices of exotic origin such as vanilla, cinnamon, cinchona and cloves.

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