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An area’s agricultural production is influenced by its natural, historical and cultural features, making it absolutely unique. Italy, with its position at the heart of the Mediterranean, with its geology and topography, and its various peoples over thousands of years, is a prime example of this. It is a boundless “garden” running from the perennially snowy peaks of the Alps to the sunny, verdant coasts, where an infinite and unique variety of agricultural excellence flourishes and bears fruit.

“The characteristics of many of its agricultural products and certain Piedmontese herbs are specific to this part of the world and cannot be found elsewhere. The land itself has been shaped by man’s interaction with nature to the extent that certain areas have been placed under UNESCO protection to preserve their beauty and unique features. Our distillery has been producing spirits in these lands for more than one hundred years”.

Carlo Quaglia, distiller and liquor maker
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Piedmont, the terroir of Del Professore

Piedmont, a land of fertile plains and hills, washed by rivers flowing down from the nearby mountains, is renowned for its wealth of fine wine and food products including great wines – such as Barolo – and the precious rare white truffle of Alba. Vermouth was born in the historic city of Turin, in the heart of this region, where some small craft producers have, in recent years, revived old family recipes, laying the foundation for the rebirth of Vermouth and the noble art of Italian spirit making. This is the terroir of Del Professore.

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